Wednesday, April 13, 2016

listen to your heart

My first blog so i hope there are not much expectations.i was sitting alone and i thought that i should talk with some one,
not by meeting face to face rather by writing a blog.
so i searched,found a video about how to write and set up and account and here i am.
the purpose in telling all this is if you really want to do something,donot think twice,more time you will take to decide,the more your mind will stop you.
its our inner fear that we have to overcome,nothing else.
as there is a saying that "it is unknown,that we fear in dark".
so next time you want to sing a song,dance or just talk,make sure to sing like no one is listening ,dance like no one is watching and talk like every body is listening to you because at the end what matters is  that you listened to your heart and did what you felt was right.